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How Do I Access my Voicemail?
Last Updated 3 years ago

Accessing voicemail on desktop phones:

  1. Press the home button, then select Messages or dial *99
    1. Some phones have a voicemail button that will also take you to your messages
  2. Enter your voicemail password when prompted
  3. Go to New Messages (press 1 unless prompted to do otherwise)

You will be given typical voicemail options, but for a visual of all possible settings see the attached pdf guide. (Under Attachments)

Accessing voicemail on the desktop or web "softphone":

  1. Open your GoTo Desktop app or navigate to GoTo in a web browser.
  2. Go to the Voicemail tab on the left.
  3. Hover over voicemail messages to access options such as play, delete, mark as played, etc.
  4. OPTIONAL: Click your profile picture (or your initials if you haven't set a profile picture) in the top righthand corner and choose settings
    1. Select the Voicemail tab on the left.
    2. From here you can enable voicemail-to-email, set your voicemail PIN, etc.

Access voicemail on the mobile "softphone":

  1. Open your GoTo mobile app.
  2. Go to the phone tab at the bottom of your screen.
  3. Near the top of your screen, select the Voicemails tab.
  4. From here, click a voicemail to access options such as listen, delete, call back, message sender, etc.

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