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Campus Printers
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The ones in bold are the ones we just renamed!

Printer's Old Name Printer's New Name Building
WelcomeCenter_Copier WelcomeCenter_Copier Morse Welcome Center
StudentLife_Copier StudentLife_Copier Goodrich Hall
Music_Copier Music_Copier Price Hall
Library_Copier Library_Copier Kellenberger Library
Library_Office Library_Office Kellenberger Library
Library_TechLaser Library_TechLaser Kellenberger Library
LibraryOffice_Printer Library_Tech_Services Kellenberger Library
Library_CircPrinter Library_Circulation_Printer Kellenberger Library
PR-MEC-004 PR-MRC-004 Morse Center



Richardson Hall

SPS2ndFloor_Copier Richardson_2FL_Copier Richardson Hall
BizOffice_Copier Richardson_3FL_Copier Richardson Hall
EC_ClinicCopier Siefke_Clinic_Copier Siefke Hall
EC_Copier Siefke_1FL_Copier Siefke Hall
EC2ndFloor_Copier Siefke_2FL_Copier Siefke Hall
PFB_Registrar Pomajevich_Registrar Pomajevich Hall
PFB1stFloor_Copier Pomajevich_1FL_Copier Pomajevich Hall
PFB2ndFloor_Copier Pomajevich_2FL_Copier Pomajevich Hall

Follow this link, if you need help adding the above printers/copiers to your computer:

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