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Census Date Attendance Reporting
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Every Bushnell course section has a census date that is used to report the state of attendance in class. This reporting helps Bushnell care for our students and meet regulatory requirements. This process only requires that you note which students have not attended your course - no action is required for students that are actively attending.

  1. Log in to J1Web ( using your Bushnell user name and associated password.
  2. Click the menu "waffle" in the upper right corner of the web page, then select Faculty ==> Manage my course list: image
  3. Navigate to each course that needs attendance reporting. To do this go to Click on the blue section options button, then “Manage Attendance.”
  4. Click the checkbox next to each student who never attended. Then click the blue options button to the right and select “Report Never Attended.” Do not use the “Report No Longer Attending” feature.
  5. Once all students who have not ever attended have been reported, select the green Action button on the right. Select “Mark no longer attending complete.” image
  6. The top of the attendance reporting screen will then look like this:image

By clicking "Mark no longer attending complete" - you have finished your census date attendance reporting! (don't be alarmed if the green checkmarks don't immediately appear - sometimes the page will need to be refreshed first)

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