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Request a Course
Last Updated 9 months ago

There are many great reasons to need a fresh blank course - most commonly because you want to start building a course prior to when the real course for the next term (or beyond) is created, or maybe you just need a sandbox for some experiments.

  1. Head to
  2. Fill out a brief full name and shortname. These can be the same - and are usually something like "MATH 105 - Elementary Teaching Methods TEST" 
    1. We recommend adding "TEST" to the end to help remind us all that this is only a temporary course - it is not the real course room that students will be enrolled in.
    2. Fill something quick into the "Reasons for Wanting..." text box. This doesn't need to be thought out - we approve all instructor course requests.
  3. A short time later, you're course request will be approved and you'll be set up as the instructor. This course lives in the "Miscellaneous" Course Category

Once the live course is created that students will be auto enrolled in, you will need to import this test course content into the new course to make it live to students.

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