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How to use TurnItIn Draft Coach
Last Updated 8 months ago

TurnItIn Draft Coach is a new tool that can help improve your writing. You could think of it as a digital tutor to help improve grammar, citations, and more.

Here’s how to turn in your best work with Draft Coach
1. Open Word on the web using your school issued Microsoft 365 account.
Draft Coach will not work with your personal Microsoft 365 account.
2. Click on the Turnitin tab in the Word ribbon and then Draft Coach.
3. The Draft Coach sidebar will appear to the right of the paper. Accept the terms and conditions by clicking
the box “I agree…” -- you’ll only need to do this the first time you use Draft Coach.
4. To identify similarity, citation and grammar issues, click on:
a Go to Similarity,
b Go to Citations, or
c Go to Grammar. You can run a maximum of 3 similarity checks.

For further details and screenshots, see the attached guide.

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