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Upgrade YouTube Videos in BeaconLearning from old embed code to new
Last Updated 7 years ago

Symptom: Videos previously embedded in a course no longer appear.

Cause: YouTube updated their embed code that allows you to put videos in your course

  1. To fix the videos beyond this week, you can do the following:
  2. Enable editing in your course
  3. On the right side of the “Page” activity with the video, click Edit, then Edit Settings
  4. On the Page Content section, click the first (top left) button (Toggle Toolbar) if the toolbars are only one line
  5. You should now have three lines of toolbars. Click on the “View HTML Code Button” with the
  6. Highlight the youtube address – starting with http:// and ending before the ?
  7. Right click on the highlighted section to copy
  8. Open a new tab in your Internet browser and paste what you copied in the address bar.
  9. Click the YouTube logo on the bottom right (View on YouTube)
  10. Click Share below the video
  11. Click Embed
  12. Copy the code in the box
  13. Return to your Beaconlearning tab. Erase everyting from the code box that you are editing (that we copied from before)
  14. Paste in the code we just copied
  15. Click update
  16. Click Save and Return to Course

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