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Importing a class
Last Updated 4 years ago

  1. Your class is complete and ready to copy (previous course, shell course/template, or original)
  2. Open your empty class (usually the course that is live or current)
  3. Click “Import” in the Administration block on the left
  4. image
  5. Find and select your completed course (from the first step) and hit continue
  6. Make sure everything is checked and selected, (Next, Next, Perform Import)
  7. Then complete your import!

Remember: Your "Announcements" will be there automatically. If you import one from a prior course, delete the extra. It may also be called "News Forum" but it's the same thing. If you also import a prior syllabus, you'll want to delete that as well.

Next steps: Change due dates, delete anything you no longer need (see above), and make any other remaining updates. Then, GO LIVE! Change the course visibility to SHOW.

Just want to import select items? Check out our other article.

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