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Quiz - Minimize cheating
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For the following tips and instructions, you may want to reference our BeaconLearning Quiz basics Knowledgebase article.

Here are my suggest to help minimize cheating for online quiz settings in BeaconLearning:

  • Prevent copy and paste: One of the easiest things you can do is expand the "Extra restrictions on attempts" section and choose the Browser security setting, “Full screen pop up...” to prevent students from being able to copy and paste questions directly into a search engine.
  • Keep correct answers hidden until quiz closes: Another relatively easy setting is to expand "Timing" and set a close date for the quiz. With this enabled, you can expand "Review options." In the last column, I would only check "Whether correct" after the quiz is closed, so they can't show peers the correct answers. You can also enable a time limit, to try and limit people from spending extra time checking every answer with their friends.image
  • Shuffle question order: The first two suggestions are settings in the quiz, but this next one can be found in the "Edit quiz" view. There's an option to shuffle the questions in the quiz, which could deter some cheating.
  • Add random question(s) from category: The other option in the "Edit quiz" view that you mentioned on the phone requires you to sort your questions into Categories - most likely chapter, week, topic, etc. When you select "Add a random question" to your quiz, you can say please insert 5 questions from the 10 total in Chapter 1. This would allow a student A, B, and C to see variations of those 10 questions on Chapter 1.

Updated 7/3/2019 for Moodle 3.5

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