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Quiz - Insert Random Questions
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  1. In your BeaconLearning course... locate the Administration block
  2. Expand "Question bank" and select "Categories"
  3. Scroll down to add a new category (example - week 1, chapters 15-17, Multiple Choice, etc) Note: If your quiz requires 10 random T/F and 10 random MC questions, create those as separate categories
  4. Once you have the category created, you can import questions with the Aiken Format or manually add the questions to the category 
  5. Go to the "Questions" tab and choose your category from the drop-down menu to see your questions in that category (or move questions from another category)
  6. Go back to your course and add your quiz activity if you haven't already, otherwise, click your quiz and click "Edit Quiz" in the administration block to add random questions from your category
  7. When in the "Edit Quiz" mode select Add - A random question.
  8. Next, you'll need to select the category where you have your questions saved and select how many random questions from that category you want to add. Note: If you have to add 16, you'll need to add 10 and then 6 since 16 isn't one of the options)
  9. Then, you should see a list of random questions from the category you selected.

Pictured below: Edit quiz... Add > a random question


Pictured below: Add "a random question" window


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