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Record - Options for Recording Video
Last Updated 4 years ago


  • An activity to record and/or go live with students within BeaconLearning courses
  • Allows webcam and screenshare
  • Allows breakout rooms
  • Allows students to "raise their hands"
  • Allows you to download the BigBlueButton recording so you can upload it to other courses

Microsoft Teams

  • An application with Office 365
  • Allows webcam and screen share
  • Allows individual calls
  • Can be recorded and live, recording goes to Microsoft Stream


  • An in-browser option for recording, not live
  • Allows webcam and screen share
  • Free up to 15-minutes, free version has a "watermark" of sorts in the bottom corner
  • You can download the video file to your computer and upload it to YouTube for auto captioning

Team Plan for Screencast-O-Matic is an option for editing, too! Submit a help ticket for the password.


SnagIt (Product of TechSmith)

Camtasia (Product of TechSmith)

  • The Help Desk has paid for a couple licenses on certain devices. If you'd like to use this to record a video, please request the use through a help ticket.

Loom & Screencastify are other free options that work as Chrome Extensions.

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