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Record - Screencast-o-Matic Team Plan
Last Updated a year ago

Screencast-o-matic is now ScreenPal

What is it? 

How to access the Team Plan:

How to configure it:
  • Within the ScreenPal Video Editor, click on Switch Folder and then on Browse... 
  • image
  • In the Browser window, click on This PC and double-click on Windows (C:)
  • Create a new folder. Name it ScreenPal, then select the folder and hit OK.
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  • Click on Record and change the recorder settings as per your requirements, once ready hit the REC button to start recording.
  • After recording, click on Done to finish your recording.
  • You can edit or save as Video File.
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  • Give it a name, choose the video type, select the same ScreenPal folder, and then hit Publish.
  • Navigate to the folder to find the published video.

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