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Adjust Course Upload Size
Last Updated 7 months ago

There may be times you want students to upload projects that are bigger than what your course allows by default. There are two steps to increasing the upload size.

Increase the Course Maximum

  1. Under Course Administration on the left side of the screen, click Edit Settings
  2. Expand the Files & Uploads section
  3. Increase the Maximum upload size to what you need (1GB would be enough for most things)

Increase the Assignment Maximum

  1. Assignments also have their own maximum setting
  2. Click the assignment in your course
  3. On the left Administration menu, under Assignment Administration, chose Edit Settings
  4. Expand the "Submission Types" section
  5. Set Maximum Submission Size to what you need (a 5-min HD video is approximately 500MB)

As a word of caution, if students are uploading large/long video assignments, these should be uploaded to a third party video service like Microsoft Stream, YouTube, or OneDrive - BeaconLearning is not designed to be a video-hosting environment.

  • Microsoft Stream: All Bushnell accounts have access to this feature. We recommend creating a group, so your videos are not public to all Bushnell users, but instead just accessible to your group/class members. We have additional instructions on using Stream here.
  • YouTube: Students would need to create their own Gmail and YouTube accounts, upload their videos (as either Public or Unlisted) and share the link privately with their instructor or with the entire class as a Forum post for example.
  • Microsoft OneDrive: All Bushnell students, staff, and faculty have access to OneDrive. If you need assistance with OneDrive, please submit a help ticket so we can get in touch with you. A student can upload their video to their personal OneDrive account and get a sharable, view-only link to use in the same way they could use a YouTube link from above. The benefit to OneDrive is they do not need to create a new account. Additionally, from the BeaconLearning homepage students can click "My OneDrive" for quick and easy access (shown below).

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