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Grading - How to grade an assignment
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How to Grade Assignments

  1. Log into BeaconLearning and navigate to your course
  2. Click on the assignment you're looking to grade
  3. Select “view all submissions”
  4. image
  5. On this page you will see: students' names, submission status and date, and the submitted file itself
  6. Next to each submission is a “grade” button; click one of those to get started
  7. In the grading window, you will see the assignment and the grader pane
  8. In the grader pane, you can scroll independently to see a grade box or rubric, feedback box, and feedback file upload location if enabled in your assignment settings
  9. image
  10. You can click the boxes from your rubric to automatically tally the points, or enter the value manually if you do not have a rubric attached to this assignment
  11. Click save or save and next at the bottom of the page to continue to the next submission

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