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Checking Voicemail
Last Updated 11 months ago

To check your Bushnell voicemail, you can call in from on campus or off campus.

On Campus:

  1. Push the Messages button on your phone (envelope symbol)
  2. Enter your PIN

Off Campus:

Step 1: Call the desired phone number
Step 2: Wait for voice mail and then press *
Step 3: You will be prompted to enter your ID which is the Last 4 digits of the phone number followed by #
Step 4: You will be prompted to enter your PIN which is your Voice mail Password followed by #

You should now have access to the desired voice mail.

Voicemail to Email:

The IT Department offers "Voicemail to Email". This delivers every voicemail you receive to your Bushnell email account and allows quick remote access through your phone, tablet, or webmail. To be set up with this functionality, please submit a help ticket.

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