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Secure Print on Konica Minolta Copy Machines
Last Updated 7 years ago

Secure print is a technology that allows you to print a job from your workstation and have the copy machine hold your job until you arrive. It's useful for documents that are sensitive or shared printers.

  1. Click File -> Print on the document you'd like to print.
  2. Select the appropriate printer, then chose Printer Properties
  3. Click the Basic Tab
  4. Under Output Method, chose Secure Print
  5. If you haven't used Secure Print before, you'll be prompted to create an ID and password. These can be anything. You must remember them to retrieve your print job.
  6. Click OK, click OK
  7. Click Print
Now, go to the copy machine to release your job

  1. Log in to the copy machine with your four digit budget code
  2. Touch User Box on the screen
  3. Chose the System option on the left
  4. Enter your ID and password (set when you were printing your job)
  5. Touch the documents you'd like to print
  6. Touch Print on the right side
  7. Touch the blue start button on the copy machine to print your documents.

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