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Wireless Connection for Mac
Last Updated 5 months ago

1: join the Bushnell Guest wireless.
2: open a browser and to go
3: Click start
4: Click student.
5: log in.
6: If using windows download the package and install, it should then switch you over to the Student network. At some point you may have to supply your local credentials.

Connect to the Guest wireless network.
Once connected open a browser and goto
Click Start
Click Student
Click Connect with a computer tablet or smartphone.
Log in
If you're using a Mac Download the For IPAD.
After the profile downloads install, give it the access it asks for and wait.
The profile for iPad will show up in the System Preferences app, under Profiles,
you can install it from there, and you're finished!)
You should be on the student wireless at the end of the process..

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