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Wireless Connection for Windows
Last Updated 10 months ago

  1. Click the Windows icon for the Start Menu
  2. Click the Gear icon for Settings
  3. Click Network & Internet
  4. Click Show available networks
  5. Choose Bushnell-Onboard
  6. Choose Connect
  7. The onboard web page will pull up. After reading the Terms & Conditions, Start
  8. Choose Student or Faculty/Staff
  9. If you selected "Student", click Connect with a computer, tablet or smartphone
  10. Enter in your Bushnell username (e.g. jsmith) and password to authenticate. Click Continue
  11. Click Download for Windows
  12. On the window that pulls up, choose to Save File
  13. After it downloads, open the download. (In most browsers this is done in one of the menus in the upper-right hand corner-- but each browser is different)
  14. Windows may ask if you want to run the file. Click Run.
  15. It will do some work for a minute or two. If it asks if you want to install the certificate, click Yes
  16. A window will let you know that you are on the network. Browse away!


Onboard page not pulling up?

Open a browser window and go to

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Submit a help ticket at

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