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Wireless Connection for Android
Last Updated 2 years ago

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on Wi-Fi
  3. Choose Bushnell-Onboard
  4. Choose Connect
  5. The onboard web page will pull up. (If it doesn't try to navigate to a website in a browser).
  6. After reading the Terms & Conditions, Start
  7. Choose Student or Faculty/Staff. (If you selected "Student", select Connect with a computer, tablet or smartphone)
  8. Enter in your Bushnell username (e.g. jsmith) and password to authenticate. Click Continue
  9. Select Install the Network
  10. You will be presented with several download options, including "Download from Google Play" or "Download Locally". Any options should work, but the Google Play option is recommended.
  11. If you choose to download from Google Play, you will be redirected to Install a Cloudpath app. Install and follow the on-screen directions.
  12. It will do some work for a minute or two.
  13. You will then be on the network. Browse away!


Onboard page not pulling up?

Open a browser window and type

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Submit a help ticket at

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