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Library Staff: Release a Library Print Job for a User
Last Updated 4 years ago

There may be times where you will need to release jobs for a user. Perhaps they forgot their password. The most common case will be when someone using the Bushnell Guest account would like to print.

  1. Instruct the user to print their document as normal (from an Bushnell workstation, they won’t be able to use email to print) to Library_Copier on Thomas.
  2. From the Circulation desk, log on to as lcircee with the current lcircee password.
  3. Find the user’s job, click override on the right side.
  4. Chose "0610 - Library" as the account to charge.
  5. Collect appropriate payment from the guest.

If you receive an error message or your document does not print, please submit a help ticket.

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