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Campus Technology Changes FAQ
Last Updated 2 years ago

There are a lot of exciting changes happening around campus right now! 


  • Friday, June 26th: Users begin receiving messages sent to
    • Messages sent still go out from
    • Messages received for both and go to the same mailbox
  • Wednesday, July 1: 
    • Your messages will begin going out from
    • Messages received for both and go to the same mailbox


Will I have a new email account/Need to move messages to maintain access?

No. Your NCU account & mailbox has become your Bushnell account as of July 1, 2020. All message history will be intact. The main noticeable difference is that when you send mail, it will go out from your

What do I need to do after the change?

You'll need to start signing in with for Office 365 email, BeaconLearning, and other services. Additionally, if you share documents with OneDrive, you will need to re-share these documents.

Will my old emails from be forwarded to the new address?

No need! Things sent to will keep coming to you automatically.

Can I keep my address for a while?

Yes - messages will keep coming for for about 5 months, but the organization that controls .EDU domains controls how long we can be both &

Will my username be the same?

Yes. If your email adddress/username is today, you'll become

What's happening to MyNCU?

MyNCU is being replaced by It's currently under development, and being redesigned with all the things we've learned over our years with MyNCU to make sure we serve our students as well as possible. 

What's so great about this new MyBushnell Portal?

There's a long list. Modern student tools, like being able to update your contact information, perform degree audits, and new course registration features. Additionally, the portal is mobile responsive, which makes smartphone access much easier.

What about BeaconLearning? How will I get there?

BeaconLearning is not changing, but the web address has changed from to You'll be able to access BeaconLearning in the same ways you do today - by going straight to the web address, or clicking a link under the Quick Links or in the footer of

I've heard there's an App?!

Yes! We're excited to launch a Bushnell University app to app stores soon. It'll have up-to-date university information, a campus map, student features and more.

Where's the new Bushnell website?

Our new website up! You can find a link on My.Bushnell in the footer, or by going to

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