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Wireless Connection on iPhone & iPad
Last Updated 11 months ago

  1. Open the settings App on your iPad/iPhone, and touch the Wi-Fi settings
  2. Locate the Bushnell-Onboard wireless network and connect to it
  3. The onboarding window will pull up.
  4. After agreeing to the Terms & Conditions, click Start
  5. Choose Student or Faculty/Staff. (If you are a student, select Connect with a computer, tablet or smartphone)
  6. Enter in your Bushnell username (e.g. jsmith) and password to authenticate. Click Continue
  7. Tap Download for iPhone, iPad, & iPod
  8. On current devices, do the following:
    1. After it says "Profile Download", tap Close
    2. Tap Settings in the upper-left corner to go back.
    3. Near the top of the screen, it will say "Profile Downloaded". Tap on this.
    4. Verify that you wish to Install
    5. Enter your passcode.
    6. Go back to your wifi settings and select the appropriate network. (Bushnell-Student orĀ Bushnell-FS
    7. You are now connected!
  9. On older devices, do the following:
    1. The "Install Profile" window should now be up. Tap Install.
    1. Tap Install to verify
    1. Done
    1. Enter your iPhone or iPad passcode.


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Open a browser window and go to

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